Modafinil is generally prescribed for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness that occurs due to the presence of sleep disorders—narcolepsy being at the top position of sleeps disorders. This sleep issue affects anyone irrespective of the gender and age but it is majorly seen in young adults. People affected by narcolepsy often fall asleep unknowingly. Though excessive daytime sleepiness seems harmless but it has potential to ruin your routine and it can be life-threatening if somebody falls asleep behind the wheel. Doctors often ask people to buy Modafinil online to fight off daytime sleepiness. This drug has been of great help for those people.

What is Modafinil and how does it help?

This nootropic is a wakefulness promoter agent and it helps people to stay awake and focused for longer period of time. It works on certain neurotransmitters which are involved in the management of sleep and wake cycle. By preventing their re-uptake process, the medication helps them retain in the brain for longer. The longer neurotransmitters stay in the brain, the longer a person stays awake and alert.

This medicine can be taken by anyone who wishes to stay alert despite suffering from sleepiness caused by narcolepsy. However, the medicine may have tendencies to interact with other medicines you consume. This article will explain how Modafinil 200mg pills interfere with the working of oral contraceptives and what can be done to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies while being on the nootropic drug effectively.

Why is not a good idea to consume Modafinil along with oral contraceptive pills?

Nootropic medicines such as Modafinil 200mg have a tendency to interfere with the working of oral contraceptive pills which ultimately increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy. The medication is known as enzyme-enducer which means it increases the activity of enzymes which are used to break down the contraceptive medicine. As a result of which, the contraceptive medicines are broken down faster than usual affecting their effectiveness. This further leads to increasing your chances of getting pregnant despite you being on contraceptive meds.

No large-scaled studies have been carried out to establish the role of Modafinil in reducing the efficiency of contraceptives. However, a few studies have been performed with other “enzyme-enducer” medicines and the results were the same as those were with Modafinil nootropic. Contraceptives become less effective when consumed along with these enzyme-enducer drugs. A survey was done to observe which contraceptives get affected by the medicine and thus it is important to inform your doctor which type of contraceptive you are currently on before you buy Modafinil online.

How to avoid unwanted pregnancy while being on Modafinil?

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to tell your doctor about the current birth control pills you are using. Though the nootropic medicines interact with oral birth control pills, some of them work despite you being on nootropic meds. You can use different methods of birth control such as condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, caps etc., along with spermicidal to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies. These methods, though these do not interfere with the nootropic, alone cannot prevent unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, it is advised not to rely on these methods solely while being on cheap Modafinil pills.

How long must one use contraceptive methods while being on Modafinil?

Generally, one should keep using contraceptives other than oral pills as long as you are on the nootropic medicine. If you wish to discontinue taking the medication, you must keep using contraception approximately for 2 months. This time period is necessary for your body to restore the enzymatic activity to return to normal an also to eliminate the medicine completely from your body.

What should one do when they want to get pregnant?

Studies have shown that Modafinil online may have tendency to cause congenital effects in unborn babies. These babies are born with heart defects, cleft palate and lips and other abnormalities. To prevent these unfortunate events, one must tell their doctor if they wish to get pregnant while being on Modafinil. Speaking with your doctor helps in understanding the potential complications and taking proper steps to prevent them becomes possible.

Similarly, breastfeeding women must speak with their doctor before they buy Modafinil. Lack of clinical data to establish the safety profile of nootropic in breastfeeding women is the reason one must take the medicine after thorough discussion with their doctor. It is not known whether the drug passes into the breast milk and thus one must take the medicine with cautions.

Does Modafinil affect fertility in women?

There are no enough studies and trials conducted to investigate whether the medicine has any potential risks involving fertility issues in humans. Animal studies have shown that the medicine does not affect fertility and can be taken in the long-term under stringent medical supervision. If you are worried about Modafinil causing any fertility issues, you need to consult with a health care professional before taking the medicine.

Is it safe to take Modafinil in long-term?

The safety profile of nootropic medicines have been established on the conclusions derived from clinical studies. In majority of cases, consuming the medication on a daily basis does not cause any severe side effects. Nonetheless, in some cases, taking Modafinil 200mg pills in long run may cause harsh effects and associated health complications. To prevent these issues, one must stick to the prescribed dosing pattern.

Like other medications, this nootropic is also a chemical-entity and it does produce side effects. Therefore, before starting the Modafinil treatment, one must discuss its pros and cons with their doctor. The medicine has low abuse potential and thus it is not habit-forming. But one must take the medicine in its prescribed dosage strength and for the prescribed period of time only.

Conclusion – Modafinil has a tendency to affect the efficiency of oral contraceptive medicines. Therefore, it is important to seek alternative contraceptive methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Also, one must take the decision of buying Modafinil online after thoroughly weighing pros and cons of the drug with their doctor.

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