Online shopping experiences are not new to us and so do online scams. This is one of the reasons for people to abstain from shopping online. Fortunately, we have advanced security system available now that helps in curbing unpleasant online experiences.

Privacy Protection

Acknowledging the importance of safeguarding customers’ data, has come up with the latest Privacy Policy protection tool. The entire website is protected with the latest security software. We understand no customer would wish to share their details with third party. To prevent third party interference which often leads to breach of online safety rules, we protect our customers’ data through security software. It helps in capturing the data fed in by the customers and keeps it locked within. No third party can access the information.

Safe & Secure

We have taken a pledge to protect our customers’ data from cyber invaders. We have jotted down a privacy policy which is displayed on the website. We recommend our customers must read this Privacy Policy before proceeding further with Modafinil purchase. The security software we have adopted its ahead of its time in terms of its operations. It ensures that no information is leaked.

Data Protection

Alongside protecting your data from third party, we guarantee your data is used only with your consent. We use your email addresses to send you promotional emails and informational newsletters. You can unsubscribe from our service at any given time. We also make sure that we won’t spam your inbox.

modatrust Privacy Policy

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Effective June 22, 2023

This Privacy Policy covers Modatrust or its affiliates’ website or mobile app (the “Services”) (“Modatrust,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).

Important Information: This Privacy Policy applies to both non-PHI information and personally identifiable information (commonly known as “Protected Health Information” or “PHI”) that you supply to us for medical treatment via the Services, and our HIPAA Notice covers that. Your rights and how we may use and disclose your PHI are described in the HIPAA Notice. This Privacy Policy complements the PHI HIPAA Notice. If this Privacy Policy and the HIPAA Notice contradict, the HIPAA Notice will prevail. The HIPAA Notice does not cover non-PHI.

The separate Cleveland Clinic Notice of Privacy Policy Practices controls how Cleveland Clinic may use and disclose your PHI.

Privacy Policy Information Gathering

  • We may gather the following information when you use a Service.
  • We get your direct information. When you register for a Service, subscribe to our notifications, or contact us, we may gather the following information.
  • Please provide your complete name, email, cellphone number, and address.
  • A username and password.
  • Details about payments, such as the credit card’s number, expiration date, and security code.
  • Personal health information, including diagnosis, treatments, general health, and insurance.
  • We welcome doctor reviews and any other information you may submit.
  • Let’s put this information together with what we already know about you.

Information is gathered on an automated basis. We may automatically gather every time you enter your computer’s IP address, use our services device, and advertising identifiers, browser type, operating system, and Internet service provider, information about when you accessed the site, the links you clicked on, and the pages you saw the pages you view while using our Services, and other standard server log information. When you use our Services, we may also collect information about where you are, such as the GPS data from your mobile device or about WiFi access points and cell towers in the area.

We might quickly get this information using cookies, image tags, Local Shared Objects, and other related technologies. Cookies are small pieces of data that your computer’s web browser stores. Pixel tags are tiny pictures or small data bits inserted in images. These pixel tags, sometimes known as “web beacons” or “clear GIFs,” may read information from your computer or device, including cookies, the time and date a page is accessed, a description of the page on which the pixel tag is located, and perhaps other data. Local Shared Objects, sometimes called “Flash Cookies,” are like regular cookies. However, they can be more prominent, and the Adobe Flash video player downloads them to a computer or mobile device. By using the Services, you agree that cookies and similar technologies can be used.

We may also take technical information to fix technical issues and improve our Services. You can control how this technical data is collected by changing the settings on your computer or in your browser. By using the Services, you give us or anyone working on our behalf permission to collect this technical information.

The owner may give us information about you or the ad if you get to the Services through an ad on a third-party website, app, or other service (a “Third-Party Service”).

We get information about you from your doctors and other places. When it comes to Services that involve medical care, we may get your medical information from your past, present, and future doctors. IT could include details about your diagnosis, past treatments, general health, social background, any history of sickness in your family, and records of phone calls and emails about your illness.

We may also get information about you from other places, such as third-party services and groups. We may mix our first-party data, like your name or email address, with third-party data from other sources and use this to contact you (for example, by sending you direct mail). For instance, utilize the Services to log in to Facebook, Google, or Twitter or to share your Services experience. We may get data from third-party services.

Privacy Policy Data Implementation

  • The data we get from the Internet could be used for.
  • Deliver and enhance the Services; Maintain and increase customer communication.
  • Contact you with information about our other clinical services or general health and fitness.
  • Understand and enhance the Services via analysis of user activity and data.
  • Use your data for research (with your separate written consent, if necessary).
  • For any other reasons revealed when we collect your information or subject to your permission, to prevent potentially forbidden or illegal acts and otherwise in line with our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy Getting and giving information

We want to keep your trust, so we want you to know when and with whom we might share the information we get from you.

We may disclose information about you to third-party partners and service providers. Customer support, email deployment, business analytics, marketing (including, but not limited to, advertising, attribution, deep-linking, direct mail, mobile marketing, optimization, and retargeting), advertising
We may release information in response to subpoenas, court orders, legal procedures, law enforcement demands, legal claims, or government inquiries, as well as to protect and defend Cleveland Clinic, our businesses, patients, users, or the general public’s rights, interests, health, safety, and security.
They are moving a business. HIPAA lets organizations send PHI to other organizations in certain situations. Suppose HIPAA and the HIPAA Notice allow it. In that case, we can share your information as part of a transfer of the organization’s assets, a merger, a consolidation, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.
Health information that is kept secret. We may share your PHI in the ways described in the HIPAA Notice and allowed by HIPAA.
We may share information for any other reason we tell you about when we get it or if you tell or permit us to.
If you choose to participate in public events on third-party sites we link to, you should know that any information you share there can be read, collected, or used by other people who use these sites and groups. Be careful about your personal information in these places. We are not in charge of the information you post in public places.

No information a patient gives during a medical visit or when they ask for an appointment is ever used for marketing.

Privacy Policy Keeping safe

In line with HIPAA, we protect Protected Health Information from being lost, stolen, misused, accessed, disclosed, changed, or destroyed without permission. We protect other information from being lost, stolen, misused, accessed, disclosed, changed, or destroyed without permission. You should know that no method for storing or sending data over the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed 100% safe.

What You Can Do

You can also email us at to ask us to delete your personal information. We will only eliminate this information if the law says we must keep it.

If you change the settings on your web computer, you can refuse or turn off cookies. Because each web browser is different, please look in the “help” area of your web browser for directions. Please remember that you may need to do more to refuse or turn off Local Shared Objects and similar technologies. For example, you can change how Local Shared Objects work by following the steps on Adobe’s Setting Manager page. If you choose to refuse, turn off, or delete these technologies, you may not be able to use some of the Services’ features.

We don’t give Protected Health Information to third parties so that they can use it for their direct marketing.

Content taken from other sites as well as links to such sites

Some Services may have links to third-party material that we don’t control. We are not in charge of how these third parties handle your personal information, and this Privacy Policy does not cover what they do with your information

Limiting the amount of data collected and "Do Not Track"

Choose not to. Visit the websites of the Digital Advertising Alliance or Network Advertising Initiative and opt-out services if you want to stop getting ads based on your interests on all your browsers and devices. You may also opt out of interest-based advertising through the settings on your mobile app or device. However, your choice to opt out may only affect the browser or device you are using when you opt-out. If you want to stop interest-based advertising on all your browsers and devices, you must opt out of each. If you don’t want to receive ads, you will still see them, but they might not be as relevant to you and your hobbies. It could make your experience with our Services worse.

Some web browsers send websites “do-not-track” messages. Because different web platforms add and turn on this feature differently, it is not always clear whether users want these signals to be sent or are even aware of them. At the moment, we don’t do anything when these signs come in.

People from other countries

We keep information in the United States of America and follow the laws of the United States, which may not protect you as well as the laws in your country. By using the Services and giving us information, you understand and agree that your information may be sent to and stored on servers outside your country. If you live in a country other than the United States, you also agree that we may send your information to the United States to be processed following this Privacy Policy.


We don’t let people younger than 18 make accounts that give them access to our Services.

Changes to the policy privacy

This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time. When we change the Privacy Policy, we will change the “Effective Date” above and post the new Privacy Policy. We suggest you read the Privacy Policy whenever you use the Services to learn more about how we handle your personal information.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or how we handle your information, you can send us an email at

FAQ About Privacy Policy

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