We appreciate you looking at our Shipping Policy for Modafinil & Aspadol 100 mg and other Medications.

We've changed the way we deliver Modafinil to the US, and we now have warehouses in Europe, Singapore, India, and Dubai.

Update, August 2023: Depending on how much stock we have, we can ship to the US via USPS Priority or Priority Mail Express in 3-5 business days, from the UK to the UK via Royal Mail in 3-4 days, and to the EU from Poland.

Modafinil Shipping Method

We are now able to ship modafinil all over the world utilizing the Express Mail Service, departing from both Singapore and India.                  The EMS does not need a recipient to sign for the package, and the delivery procedure can take anywhere from seven to 14 Working days for orders coming from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia and anywhere from 14 to 22 days for goods coming from the rest of the world. 

Your shipment cannot be tracked until it reaches the country it is being delivered, regardless of the shipping option you choose—Express or Registered Airmail. Following the completion of your order, we will provide you with your tracking number within 24 to 72 hours.

NEW Updates! 

Customers from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland can have products shipped from the UK via Royal Mail to their home country.


We may use Registered Airmail services (the standard shipping choice) in some situations, like when sending packages or only to certain countries. Orders from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada take between 10 and 18 business days to arrive. Orders from the rest of the world take between 14 and 30 business days to arrive. Shipments sent with this choice (RMXXXXXXXIN) cannot be tracked and do not need to be signed for when they arrive.


Yes, we ship Modafinil and Armodafinil straight to:

The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Modafinil Shipping in European Countries 

 Within the European Union

To prevent unnecessary delays at customs, we ship from EU-based warehouses (often from Poland, a member of the European Union Customs Union) to all EEA countries. Our EU prices are higher because we will reship your order at no additional cost until you receive it, or we will refund your purchase in full.


Safety of Package during Transit 

The safety and security of your packages during their time in the mail system is a higher priority for us than how quickly they get to their destination. Even if mail moves fast, a properly dispatched package that doesn’t require re-shipping will almost always arrive first. We promise to reship your package for free if it is delayed for over 15 business days. It’s only happening with your intervention, so get in touch.
We will gladly resend your package if it does not arrive for any reason other than an incorrect shipping address or your absence at delivery time. We cannot return the product because we use generic, discreet packaging.


Custom Clearance 

All things that cross a border between some countries must go through the customs clearance process. Clearing usually takes between 1 and 2 days, but it can take up to 7 working days if there is a delay at Customs. It means that you may have to wait longer to get your items. Even though we try to ensure all packages go through customs without a hitch (99.5% of our packages go through US, Canadian, UK, and Australian businesses without a hitch), each country has its own rules. If your shipment is delayed by more than two weeks because it was lost or is still in Customs, which is rare, we will send it again for gratis or give you a Refund Policy, whichever you prefer. We also split big orders or large amounts (like 500 tablets) into multiple packages of 300 pills each and ship them every 3–5 days to avoid problems at Customs.


Why MODATRSUT is the Best Modafinil online Pharmacy

In this case, most orders are sent to users in the UK, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand within 10–18 days. Modatrust also guarantees 100% delivery and full returns, so if you aren't happy with your order, you can get your money back. 

Modafinil Delivery Network

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Modafinil Shipping Cost and Delivery Time

We can send your package to you in two ways right now:

  1. Seven to twelve work days for express shipping with tracking. – $39 – FREE if you spend more than $180
  2. Standard shipping (ten to eighteen working days) – $29 – FREE if you spend more than $80
  3. Please note that your package will be sent from Singapore to avoid any delays at US Customs. These packages (LTXXXXXXXSG) can’t be tracked for the first 5–7 business days and don’t need to be signed for when they arrive.

 After getting your payment, your order will be sent out within two hours. After your order has been shipped, we’ll send you an email with a tracking number within 72 hours. You will get tracking updates from Aftership, which is the most advanced package tracking service in the online drugstore business. You will get these updates by email and text message. Keeping track of information is usually

Domestic Shipping 

  1. Domestic delivery by Royal Mail in the UK takes three to seven days, costing £49 plus 50 per cent of the item’s price.
  2. Domestic shipping inside the United States through USPS Priority Mail (delivery within three to four days) – Special price applies

Discrete Shipping

Packaging that is Not Obvious
We are pleased to announce that our medications and treatments may be delivered quickly and anonymously. That way, you won’t have to wait long for your order, and nobody will know what’s within it.

  • Zero logos
  • Absolutely no mention of pharmacies.
  • There is no explanation of the material provided.

Because we understand that many of our items are sensitive, we take every precaution to ensure that the details of your transactions remain confidential.

Note:-  Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or need any further details.

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