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What Is Modalert?

Modalert is a trade name for the well-known Modafinil nootropic medicine. It is a wakefulness promoter agent that helps people with sleep issues to stay awake in the daytime or whenever required. Please note that Modalert 200mg is not a cure for sleep issues but it helps in managing them by controlling excessive daytime sleepiness caused by slumber disorders.

Chemical name - 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide
Molecular formula - C15H15NO2S

Modalert is classified as eugeroic or wakefulness promoters. This medicine is approved by Food and Drug Administration or FDA to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness or hypersomnia etc. Alongside, it is considered as smart drug too because of its potential to enhance your cognitive health and its functions. Many people buy Modalert online to conquer challenges such as combating fatigue, reduced productivity and intellectual issues. This medicine is schedule IV drug which means it cannot be purchased without prescription.

This Modafinil based medicine is useful in treating conditions with wakefulness, alertness, and cognitive functionality. Following are the conditions that are treated with this nootropic medicine:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift work sleep disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Hypersomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Secondory treatment of depression
  • ADHD
  • Sedation due to meds

Surprisingly, losing sleep on a daily basis is the root cause to many of your health issues. As estimated by studies, about 90% of people dealing with insomnia have also reported other health issues.

Sleep issues or constant sleep loss may increase your risk of developing following health problems:

  • Cardiac disorders
  • Irregular or faster heartbeat
  • Heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

Generally, 200mg is given to people struggling with excessive daytime sleepiness. This is a standard dosage which works for every consumer. However, your doctor might want to change your dosing strength depending on your medical status and current medical background. People with kidney and/or liver problems need to be given low dosage. Your doctor may increase the dose as per the response received from your body and severity of your sleep problem. You must speak with your doctor before you order Modalert.

The medicine gets absorbed pretty quickly. A peak plasma concentration is attained within more or less two to four hours. Food does not affect bioavailability of Modalert 200mg dosage. But it may delay absorption of the medicine.

Whether or not you can consume cheap Modalert 200mg pills depend on your reason for consuming it. Some professionals take the medicine on specific events such as when they are dealing with jetlag or when they wish to awake for longer hours.

Though one tablet of nootropic medicine is enough to give you lingering alertness for hours, however some patients start to experience sleepiness in the afternoon as the day progresses and thus they need to take two tablets in a day. These people are benefitted by consuming 200mg pill in the morning and second pill in the afternoon around 1-2 pm helps. The maximum recommended dosage of Modalert is 400mg but it needs to be taken under medical supervision.

In a study, patients who have consumed Modafinil showed significant improvement in their depression symptoms in the matter of a couple of months being on the medicine. Though this medicine showed promising results in the depression treatment, it does not replace the primary depression treatment medicines. You can order Modalert to be used as a second line treatment along with the primary line anti-depressants.

This Modafinil based medicine may cause dizziness, drowsiness in people. They may also experience difficulty thinking and vision disturbance. Therefore, it is vital to see how your body reacts to the medicine before you drive or operate machinery or if you are in jobs that demand for high vigilance.

Modalert overdose alone or in combination with other meds causes restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, agitation, hallucinations, insomnia, digestive issues and cardiac problems, chest pain etc. These effects, if not treated on time, may prove life-threatening. Therefore it is important to stick to the dosage pattern given to you by your doctor.

Though it is a rare incident with no such cases have been reported so far, Modafinil might cause damage to the liver if taken in abnormally large quantities. Hepatotoxicity or low rate of elevation in serum aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatise is possible with overdose of Modalert. However, as mentioned earlier, no cases of liver injury or damage due to Modafinil or Modalert 200mg overdose have been reported till date.

The nootropic drug also offers some unpleasant side effects along with the desired outcome. In some people, the medicine cause mild side effects while in some severe ones. It is essential to get more information about these effects before you order Modalert online.

The mild side effects are:

  • Anxiety
  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation

The severe side effects are:

  • Hallucinations
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Allergic reactions
  • Difficulty breathing
  • People who have had faced allergic reactions with the nootropic must seek alternatives for their sleep issues.
  • Pregnant women must refrain from using the drug as not enough data is available to assess how the medicine affects the foetus.
  • Breastfeeding women should not buy Modalert online. It is not known whether the drug passes into the breast milk. To prevent adverse effects on the nursing baby, breastfeeding mothers must consult with their doctor before getting the medicine.
  • People with already present health issues should not consume the drug. Those with cardiovascular disorders, kidney ailments, liver problems, high blood pressure, psychological issues such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders need to have a brief consultation with their health care providers before going for Modalert online buy.
  • Teenagers and elderly are not advised to take this nootropic medicine. These age groups are more likely to develop sever aftermaths and therefore are refrained from consuming the medicine.

This medicine has Modafinil which is a stimulant but it is different than the conventional ones. In comparison to amphetamines, the nootropic drug causes a fewer side effects. Moreover, it does not disturb your regular sleep cycle and has low abuse potential which means it has low habit forming capacity. People buy Modalert online due to its incredible ability to offer lasting alertness in people dealing with sleep disorders.

No. Do not crush or break the tablet. You must consume the tablet as a whole. Breaking or crushing the pill may change the concentration of the medicine getting into your system thus affecting its effectiveness and eventually hampers the final result.

Modalert is a Modafinil based while Waklert is Armodafinil based nootrooic drug. Modafinil is composed of R- and S-enantiomers while Armodafinil has only R-enantiomer. This is the long-acting isomer present in Modalert or Modafinil which explains the similar half-life of both the medicines. The time taken by Modalert or Modafinil to reach plasma peak concentration is 2 to 4 hours while Armodafinil takes about 2 hours. Armodafinil shows a fewer side effects in comparison with Modafinil. However, clinical data is not available to show that Waklert is better than Modalert.

Firstly, you need to get your sleep issue diagnosed and analysed by your doctor. Secondly, do a little research about the online drug store you are intending to buy Modalert from. Go through all the information given on the website and also talk to the customer care if you have any queries regarding the information you are being given by them.

As stated above, when you take the nootropic or any medicine on an empty stomach, it gets absorbed into the system pretty faster. If taken along with food, the absorption of medicine may get delayed and thus causing interference in result-delivering capacity of the medicine. Take the drug on an empty stomach to get faster results.

There are several reasons why one suffers from sleep disorders. Irrespective of the reasons, sleep issues are sure to disturb one’s natural sleep cycle and causes several other health issues as well. Slumber disorders often cause excessive daytime sleepiness as one of their prominent symptoms.

Causes of sleep issues are:

  • Physical health conditions
  • Respiratory disorders such as asthma
  • Psychological issues such as depression
  • Genetic factors
  • Night shift or rotational shift work culture
  • Certain drugs
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Age

The exact mode of action is not clear yet. Nonetheless, researchers have estimated that the drug works on neurotransmitters such as dopamine, catecholamines, adenosine, monoamines, noradrenaline, and serotonin. A neurotransmitter is a substance secreted by nerve cells in order to communicate with other nerve cells. Also, each neurotransmitter is assigned a specific function or functions. Cheap Modalert works by preventing re-absorption of these neurotransmitters thus increasing their concentration in the brain. The drug affects the hypothalamus, amygdale, and hippocampus.

The nootropic medicine starts working as shortly as within 30 minutes post administration. To get optimal results, take the medicine on an empty stomach. This facilitates faster assimilation of the medicine into the bloodstream which leads to quick results. You can also take it with food but this causes a little delay in result producing capacity of the drug.

This nootropic medicine is not a magic wand. The medicine, as explained earlier, takes around half hour to start working. Once it gets activated, it stays in the system for longer period of time giving you alertness that stays for several hours.

The half-life of Modafinil is about 12 to 14 hours which means the nootropic medicine stays in your body for this period of time. This also indicates that once-a-day dosing is enough to keep sleep pangs at bay.

The standard recommended dosage of Modalert is 200mg to be consumed once-a-day on a daily basis. This nootropic medicine is well-tolerated with low risk of onset and development of severe side effects and low potential for misuse or abuse.

As mentioned earlier, some patients may get desired results with 400mg dosage. They can go for spilt dosing method where 200mg pills are taken twice in a day to sustain wakefulness all day long. You can order Modalert online 400mg dosage after consulting with your doctor.

As of now, there are no evidences available about building tolerance to Modafinil or Modalert 200mg pills. The medicine does not hamper your sleep if you take it in the morning. It has various benefits such as low potential for abuse, once-a-day dosing convenience, and much more.

Taking Modafinil or Modalert 200mg pills with alcohol or alcohol-based beverages can result in complications. When you take Modalert with alcohol, the plasma concentration of medicine drops down which further leads to reduced effectiveness. Abrupt reduction in plasma concentration may lead to development of withdrawal symptoms such as agitation and mood changes. Also, combining cheap Modalert nootropic medicine with alcohol leads to several other health issues and thus this combination needs to be avoided.

Before you buy Modalert, you must speak with your doctor to learn about the dosage pattern for this nootropic medicine. When you miss the dose, you do not get to experience the pleasant effects or results delivered by Modalert 200mg pills. In case of a missed dose, you can take the next dose as soon as you realize about the missed dosage. As Modalert 200mg stays in your system for about 12 to 14 hours, it is advised not to take the medicine in the morning. Do not take the missed dose late in morning or early afternoon as this will affect your night time sleep.

This Modafinil based medicine has given a ray of hope for people down with sudden sleep bouts. However, its effects on the brain when used in the long run have not been measured. Therefore, a doctor needs to prescribed Modalert 200mg pills by weighing down its benefits and potential adverse effects on the patients if used for long term.

  • People with sleep issues and struggling to stay awake during the daytime must get this medicine.
  • This drug is useful for those who wish to improve their cognitive functions.
  • One can buy Modalert online as a secondary line treatment for his depression treatment.
  • People who are struggling with fatigue caused due to health conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome can go for cheap Modalert.

It is pretty common for medicines you are using currently may interfere with nootropic medicines. Certain meds affect the working of nootropic while some causes interference in the elimination process of nootropic medicines causing their concentration in the blood to rise up resulting in higher risk of onset of severe side effects. To prevent it, you must tell your doctor if you are consuming any other medicines before you go for Modalert buy online.

Drugs that interfere with Modalert 200mg pills and vice versa:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti fugal meds
  • Oral birth control pills

Nootropic meds affect the efficiency of oral birth control pills. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, you must seek birth control alternatives such as patches while being on Modalert 200mg pills.

You need to store the drug at cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Do not keep it in a refrigerator. Also keep it away within reach of children and pets.

Modalert is a brand name for Modafinil. There are several other brands of Modafinil available online. You can go for alternatives such as Modvigil, Provigil etc. If you wish to try other nootropic medicines which give similar results, you can go for Salbutamine, Phenylpiracetam etc. However, these medicines need to be taken under medical supervision only. Do not self-medicate with these drugs.

This nootropic medicine has shown promising effects in the treatment of daytime sleepiness in adults. Elderly and teenagers are on high risk of developing severe side issues with this med and thus they are advised not to consume it. Please consult with your doctor and seek alternatives which are suitable for these age groups.