Multiple Payment Options

We keep everything hassle-free at Likely, with the payment options, we have kept various methods to pay for the medicines you choose. We provide payment through credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. More importantly, we accept payment through Bitcoin too.

We give FREE shipment for orders of and above $100. Also, we give bonus pills on the order of $200.

We have a lucrative offer for those who will buy Modafinil through Bitcoin. We are giving a whopping 20% discount and also 30 pills extra as a bonus. To avail this offer, your minimum order should be over $100. You can use Bitcoin to order Modafinil without this offer too. You can spend any amount (below $100) to get the medicine.

Would you like to read more about Bitcoin?

Not everyone knows what a Bitcoin is. It is because it’s an evolved form of money and new in the market. It is basically internet money which you can spend to purchase goods and services. Not all vendors accept payments through Bitcoin and this could be a little worrisome as you need to stick to only those who accept it. It is developed by “miners” which are special participants in the network. Bitcoin doesn’t belong to any one country like internet. Though its value changes a bit faster than traditional currencies but it has maintained a steady growth rate over years.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin poses as a great way to buy products and services online. It helps you access products/services which you cannot purchase through net banking or credit cards. Also Bitcoin is quite helpful in purchasing certain medicines online including Modafinil. You get huge discounts when you buy Modafinil through Bitcoin from our store.

Do not get overwhelmed with the huge price Bitcoin is kept at. You can buy it in fractions too (0.00000001 bitcoins). The currency code is BTS. You can also purchase required Bitcoins to pay for your Modafinil 200mg pills order. This currency method is legal in countries like America, Europe and several other countries.