Are you struggling hard to concentrate on a task at hand? Or do you feel like you need to boost your productivity and memory? The best solution to these problems is nootropics. The Nootropic medicines not only help you to calm the mind and focus but also boost your memory retention and spike your productivity. Nootropic comes from the Greek word meaning “mind-turning”. These are substances that are claimed to act as brain boosters in order to add intelligence, creativity and alertness.

Nootropics can be of two broad categories: Natural nootropics and Synthetic smart drugs. Natural nootropics are substances which are not regulated by the FDA and include all natural ingredients like herbs and plant extracts. Synthetic smart drugs on the other hand are pharmaceutical agents that often require a prescription and are used under medical supervision.

In this article, with the rising demand for nootropics, many products from different companies have flooded the market. Therefore, if you are ready to know about the top best nootropics on the market in 2021, here is the list-

Synthetic Smart Drugs

Mind Lab Pro: The best nootropic overall

It is at the top of the list of the best nootropics. This is effective for every person from professionals to senior citizens. Mind Lab Pro is a whole-brain optimizer that upgrades all parts of cognitive function. It is seen that many nootropics target just 2 to 3 main pathways, supporting only brain fog or only concentration problems. But this unique ‘universal’ nootropic is designed to enhance almost everything, for everybody, including-

  • Study and learning
  • Testing performance
  • Memory and recall
  • Creativity and abstract thinking
  • Mood, relaxation and mind set
  • Strategic thinking
  • Motivation and mental drawing

There are no side effects of this pill.

Performance Lab Mind: The best nootropic for energy and motivation

As the name suggests, it is one of the best smart pills for natural energy and motivation. It is the only nootropic on the market specially designed to support brain recovery from intense effort. This helps you to ‘bounce back’ by restoring brain chemicals that get depleted in times of pressure and stress. Whether you need it for tackling a tough project at work or for pulling an all-nighter ahead of a big exam, this drug is the right option for you. Performance Lab Mind is a perfect supplement from students to entrepreneurs who require dynamic brain power. Certain benefits it provides are-

  • Improves memory retention and focus
  • A longer attention span
  • Less burnout
  • Encourages blood flow to the brain

Noocube: The best smart pill for memory and brain health

It is one of the best smart drugs that is set to increase how long you can work at a time, improve multitasking ability and memory and also increases focus and cognitive function. Noocube performs this task by boosting your production and also aiding in neuronal growth and repair. It promises you to promote your brain. Furthermore, it guarantees you full money back if you are not satisfied. This pill is a well-rounded formula with high quality ingredients.  There is no fear of side effects. This combines seven powerful ingredients into a single formula.  Noocube is designed to improve your cognitive function without waiting for weeks to see any changes.

Qualia Mind: The best to improve focus

This brain supplement boosts energy, focus, memory, creativity and will-power. It has minimal to no side effects. Each container is only 22 days of nootropic and not 30 days. If the nootropic supplement doesn’t work for you then it has a money-back guarantee too. Qualia Mind contains only natural ingredients and synthetics are not found in the supplement. The drug has shown itself to be reliable and has been supported by studies which proved its effectiveness.

The not-so-good aspects of the supplement-

  • Only 22 days of supplement per package
  • Most expensive on the list
  • 7 capsules for one serving is quite large

Brain Pill: The best smart drug for entrepreneurs

Brain pill is a smart drug that is best for entrepreneurs that need to operate at peak mental performance. It was designed to eliminate mental fatigue and brain fog while simultaneously bolstering memory and improving learning abilities. The ingredients in this drug are completely clean and all- natural. The formula intends to optimize brain function without the crash that comes from taking a stimulant. Brain Pill is perfect for people who want to stay “on” for hours on end and have mentally challenging jobs. If you are an entrepreneur, you will appreciate the advantage that this pill offers as it will maintain mental energy and stamina from morning to evening.

You may choose to go to the natural or synthetic route to support your brain health depending on the individual needs. The list is given below.

Natural nootropics


This is the most common nootropic which we use every day. Caffeine is a psychoactive, stimulant and nootropic drug and study shows that caffeine can improve focus and alertness while reducing perceived fatigue.

L- theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid usually derived from tea leaves. It has been shown to control anxiety and stress and even help lower elevated blood pressure triggered by stress. This worked by enhancing certain brain waves that increase creativity and promote feelings of ‘relaxed alertness’.


Ashwagandha is a plant in the night shed family which is popular in traditional medicine. It helps mitigate the impact of stress on the body and also regulates hormones and neurotransmitters.  This plant is responsible for releasing the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years. It has a long history of using traditional medicine and helps to enhance mental functioning and also improve general well- being. It will remain a popular ingredient in nootropic supplements. The leaf extract is rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

Therefore, a complete guide of the best nootropics is provided to you that is still popular in 2021 and may rule the smart drug market for next few years.

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